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Rain Guns are optimised to control dust emissions over a large area ensuring uniform distribution of water droplets to sufficiently wet and suppress the dust. They are capable of reaching far greater distances than traditional sprinklers.

They are used for wetting stockpiles concrete apron and yard areas.

As an independent dust solution provider  we can source the best solution for your specific application. All systems and solutions we supply are chosen for reliability, adaptability and energy efficiency.

In the industrial environment water, available for dust control systems, can be limited. This makes it mandatory to use the allocated water resource very effectively and distribute it as uniformly as possible. An overall fast rotating dust control rain gun, advancing with small steps,will achieve this.
PCP Group range of rain gun solutions are suitable for use with recycled water.

It’s fundamental that a gun designed for the purpose of dust suppression is adaptable to most situations, keeping excellent performance in all types of dust suppression installations and atmospheric conditions including extreme ones.

Pressure greatly determines the operating cost of an irrigation system: the higher the pressure required to operate it, the higher the operating cost will be. What makes the difference is to find a method to limit the operating pressure requirement without sacrificing the quality of the water distribution uniformity.

The length of the throw determines the area covered by the dust control action. A longer throw increases the dust controlled area and reduces the instantaneous water application rate achieving the objective.

Our product line offers great performance with an excellent water distribution uniformity even in lower pressure conditions.

It is important that every dust control system operates reliably in order to avoid damage to the environment and loss of materials.

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