'Nuisance' Dust

Is Also a Public Hazard

Dust is an irritant but also acts as a transmission vector for virus, mould, fungi and bacteria which, when inhaled or ingested, lead to multiple health issues. These health hazards, invisible to the naked eye, can cause short term illnesses from eye irritation and dermatitis to long term life changing and fatal illness such as cancer and silicosis.

No business wants to have their reputation tarnished by being accused of not caring about or protecting adjoining properties and the public from dust. We are aware of the challenges every industry must face regarding environmental compliance.

Dust can quickly become a nuisance simply due to windy weather conditions causing airborne dust to blow into neighbouring properties or public roads. This not only effects the air quality within the area but also dust settling in gardens, on cars and buildings causing additional irritation and distress.

Public awareness of  respiratory health has been heightened during the massive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is likely to eliminate any public tolerance for dust pollution.

Complaints which are not addressed with an immediate, effective solution will quickly lead to formal complaints and in turn to a site inspection by the Local Council or the Health and Safety Authority with the possibility of site or operations closure until a solution is in place.

Dust acts as a transmission vector for virus, mould, fungi and bacteria which, when inhaled or ingested, can lead to multiple health issues.

 What Can I Do?



Prevention is better than the cure therefore assessing the need to control or suppress dust during every phase of a project is important.  We are happy to discuss options with you during the planning phase of a project and supply a proposal to include with your budget estimates.


Fast Response

Many EHSQ managers call us when they require a fast, short-term solution which controls or suppresses dust in response to a current or imminent situation. We provide a broad range of fixed, mobile and Hire solutions for a variety of applications.


Stop the Dust at Source

If you require a more permanent solution we are happy to send one of our engineers to your site to discuss options and systems which will prevent the dust becoming airborne.

Include dust management in your Project Team meetings

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