PCP Group is Ireland’s leading distributor of high performance, heavy duty, Industrial Vacuums for the removal of general dust, hazardous toxic dust and spillages. Used in a variety of recycling and bulk handling industries, they help to keep your premises and plant clean and tidy and safe. 

We supply complete vacuum solutions, offering a fleet of new and hire systems to meet your demanding applications. Whether you need portable, fixed or a central vacuum system, PCP Group brings a broad depth of expertise with full service capabilities, ensuring our solutions are backed up with reliable support.

For more than 50 years companies have been turning to PCP Group to solve their spillage and fugitive dust application issues. Regardless of how big or small your application,  we are sure to have the best solution to your cleaning demands.

Why do I need an Industrial Vacuum?

 Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed and manufactured to meet specific needs of users and particular tasks that are generally heavy to handle. The main differences between industrial vacuums and retail models are their efficiency, capacity and sturdiness.

They are designed for heavy duty, high performance

  • Production efficiency at the highest level as they work continuously for long periods
  • Reduction of costs and losses due to the long life of the machine
  • Maximum efficiency as they feature HEPA filters
  • Maximum safety, even in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones)
  • Indoor and Outdoor applications from spills of fine powders to wet cement and course aggregates

Units can be supplied for purchase, short or long term hire, contract hire or lease.








IBS25 Skip Mounted Portable Vacuum

Fully portable by forklift and therefore suitable for material collection anywhere on site in all industrial and commercial applications, The IBS- 25 Portable Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Vacuum Loader.

Able to collect a range of materials including fine particles through to aggregates up to 50 mm in size, the unit has a maximum loading rate of 3 tons per hour over 40 meters or further if utilised with a vacuum interceptor skip and fixed pipework system.

Units can be supplied for purchase, short or long term hire, contract hire or lease.

  • suitable for wet and dry materials Cement, Sand, Paper & Pulp
  • when configured with our hopper it provides a portable bagging unit 
  • larger intercept skips are also available
  • super flexible hose and vacuum tools are all available


Industrial vacuum cleaner with side channel blower can be used for the vacuum of dusty or grainy products, has an integrated hopper and it is transportable by fork lift  (with a minimum range Ton 2). Supplied with extendable legs with hooks for big bag.


The CL-15-16-C Industrial vacuum cleaner with side channel blower suitable for heavy purpose with integrated container, transportable by fork lift  (with a minimum 2Ton load). The lower container has the capacity of  0,5mᵌ and can be easily emptied trough a tilting door on the bottom part of the unit


Skip mounted 11Kw vacuum system. Options include leg mounting. This unit can be equipped with a HEPA filter for suction of environmentally hazardous dust. 


Power, strength and manageability, these are the key words that make the BL 15 AV an excellent solution to all problems of suction and filtration of heavy powders, such as grits, sand, metals, in small and large quantities. 

Removal of dust and site spillage by powerful vacuum cleaning maintains a healthy environment, is faster and far more effective than a broom and barrow.

Industrial Vacuum  systems have the benefit of reducing manual exertion for plant personnel. Helps contain dust and powders from becoming airborne. Allows for collection of materials for recycling.


Our range of Puma vacuums are aimed at heavy duty cleaning such as foundry, ceramic, nautical and mechanical industries. The main features include:

  • A large filtering surface
  • An auto dumping system for debris
  • And a remote control for the central vacuum system

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