Sustainable solution - minimum water

Ideal for dust suppression on unpaved roads and fortifying road bases. DUSTELIM® Road Works effectively on sites with heavy traffic where tracked vehicles operate.


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Localised Road Dust Suppression

DUSTELIM® Road is:
  • Hygroscopic (draws moisture from the air).
  • Deliquescent (resists evaporation and stays in solution).
  • DUSTELIM® Road suppression additive is biodegradable and non–hazardous.
  • It will not contaminate streams, vegetation, or soil and will not harm wildlife.

DUSTELIM® Road’s ability to regulate moisture on road surfaces is the key to building and maintaining roads that last.

Utilising DUSTELIM® Road will heavily decrease the loss of material from the road surface caused by traffic and wind.

In addition to compliance with health and environmental benefits this will also provide economic benefits.

Maintenance costs will be reduced and the displacement of small airborne particles will be minimized, helping to alleviate this recognised health issue.

Benefits of DUSTELIM®
  • Saves you money
  • Reduces complaints
  • Safer work environment
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Lowers vehicle maintenance costs

DUSTELIM® Road continuously absorbs moisture from the air and locks it into the dust surfaces, thereby suppressing the dust.

It has the ability to stay as a liquid at high temperatures – unlike water, it will not evaporate.

When spread onto the ground or road bed it will penetrate to a depth of 70-100mm, moisture is retained in the upper layer of the road surface which remains damp and dust-free.

During drier conditions, the product migrates to the surface and absorbs atmospheric moisture replacing the water content at the surface.

The result is a hard-packed dust-free unpaved road with no holes, ruts, and washboards.

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