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It is easier to stop dust rising than to capture it in the air.

DUSTELIM® Foam systems, made here in Ireland by PCP Group, meets stringent health and safety requirements imposed on quarry operators. An innovative solution which prevents dust from becoming airborne and keeps it contained throughout the downstream process.
With DUSTELIM® Foam access for regular maintenance of equipment in screenhouses and crushers is now safer and easier.

We are happy to demonstrate this system at your quarry site.  The video below shows how immediately effective DUSTELIM® Foam is in controlling dust.


Single point of application keeps dust contained throughout downstream process

Will not block screens

Adds minimal moisture while achieving up to 90% reduction in fugitive dust emissions

Low moisture content offers significant savings on machinery wear and tear and water consumption

Nozzle design reduces blockage

Improves Health and Safety of Workers

Enables safer access for cleaning and maintaining of equipment

Automatic operation

Easy to install and maintain

Fixed or mobile system options available

Why Foam Works Better Than Water.

The difference between water droplets and foam bubbles is that water droplets have a low surface area and high surface tension making it less efficient attracting and containing dust. DUSTELIM® Dry Foam is characterised by its micro-bubble stability with millions of different sized bubbles providing a massive surface area with a lower surface tension. This makes our dry foam system incredible effective at trapping dust and preventing it becoming airborne

Unique Dust Suppression Solutions


See what a difference 5 minutes of DUSTELIM® Foam application can make – Press Play

DUSTELIM® Foam dust suppression systems are available as either fixed or mobile units for crushing and screening applications.
Mobile Units may also be available to HIRE

DUSTELIM® Foam dust suppression systems are supplied in a robust shipping container with lights, air vent and distribution board for incoming power. This is where the three elements water, air and chemical are combined.

The system includes • Unique Foam Generating Unit • Self-Cleaning Water filter • Air compressor and receiver • Foam distribution nozzles • Control panel with warning lights • Bunded area for chemical storage.

Dust suppression can be achieved using only 2 litres of water per tonne of bulk material.

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