How do you know if your work environment is safe?

The lack of  information on particulate and dust exposure levels leads to employers being unsure of risk levels.  Without the correct data you cannot ascertain risk or make informed decisions.  It also leaves many workers exposed and continuing to suffer long term health issues which may lead to future litigation.

As awareness rises of the risks associated with dust and other particulates, a lack of health and safety information can decrease worker morale leaving them feeling undervalued and threatening the trust they placed in management and the overall organisation.

do you know what the dust exposure levels are in your working environment?

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Site Dust Monitoring

We will arrange dust monitoring on site. Initally, we can undertake a walk around survey, taking samples and readings, producing a record report for further discussion.

If the initial anylasis indicates a more in depth survey is required we can offer environmental dust monitoring and occupational monitoring.  We can then advise on the best solutions to resolve any problems the survey may highlight.

We Supply Dust Monitors for Continuous Use including Real-Time Monitors

AirSense™ PM Analyser for Dust concentration and particle size detection and analysis

The world’s only open-path, full-spectrum dust monitor with no pump and no filter, the AirSense™ PM provides an unrivalled level of protection and operation even in harsh and hazardous environments.

Offering unparalleled accuracy and flexibility it provides mg/m3 and PM sizing (PM1, 2.5, 4, 10µm) in real-time, of airborne particles, for the monitoring of any industrial process environment where exposure to particulates is required for health & safety, OSHA or industrial ventilation requirements necessary to protect people, processes and the environment.

  • Highly accurate measurement technology
  • Lab-grade precision to a field-ready unit
  • Up to five times more accurate than comparable technologies
  • No pumps or filters for high reliability
    and ultra low maintenance
  • The unit can be quickly and easily
    configured using the keypad on the
    device giving you full flexibility and allowing you to rapidly respond to changing particulate conditions

Allows you to identify in real-time the hazard from dust and other airborne particulates, giving you the opportunity to take the best preventative action to protect both people and processes.

The AirSense™ PM Analyser utilises a next-generation Optical Particle Counter (OPC) to deliver dramatically improved accuracy and repeatability of measurement
over a diverse range of Particulate Matter sizes.

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